Christine He wins Suddath Award!

Christine He was announced on Friday at the IBB holiday party as the First Place Winner of the 2017 Suddath Award!

Here's the citation that was read at the party:

The first place winner this year is Christine He who will receive a $1000 award and will give a presentation of her research at the 2017 Suddath SymposiumChristine arrived at Georgia Tech with a NSF Graduate Fellowship. She is a student in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (working in the lab of Professor Martha Grover). In addition to several other publications, Christine’s thesis research was recently published in Nature Chemistry. Her paper demonstrated that viscous solvents provide a new model for prebiotic replication of nucleic acids. The work has been described as ‘dramatically changing the perspective of Origin of Life research’, and was highlighted in the Washington Post.